Our Organization

Our Organization

Calcutta Performing Arts Foundation (CPAF) is a not-for-profit; philanthropic organisation, formed in 2012 to showcase the potential of performing arts and uphold the age old tradition of Bengal to encourage and support young talented artists and present them to the world of music, dance and drama and all such forms of performing art in the Baithak style allowing the audience to interact directly with the performers and provide constructive criticism as well as encouragement. Core to the foundation’s philosophy is a commitment to public benefit by making it open to all with no entry fee.


Calcutta Performing Arts Foundation (CPAF)

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To showcase talent in the field of performing arts as well as to provide a platform to new upcoming talent in these fields.


In order to achieve its objective, CPAF organises a classical music conference every year under the banner of Chowdhury House Music Conference.


As a not-for-profit foundation that encourages, promotes and supports innovative work in the field of the performing arts.

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Chowdhury House 5/1, Gariahat Road, Kolkata, 700019 Ph: 8910632005 ; 8272911244